Intermarium Support Group (ISG) is a Kyiv-based NGO and a long-term geopolitical project that since 2016 has been making a significant contribution to regional integration between the Baltic, the Black and the Adriatic Seas in response to Russian aggression and today’s global challenges.

Our tradition

are historical examples of great powers in the region (Kyivan Rus’, Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth)

Our predecessors

are regional integration projects of Yuriy Lypa, Józef Pilsudski and Pēteris Radziņš

Our forerunners today

are the Three Seas Initiative, the Visegrad Four, the Bucharest Nine, the Nordic Council, LITPOLUKRBRIG and Division North

Our principles

are pan-Europeanism, anti-chauvinism and the solidary anti-totalitarian policy of historical memory